Olivia Bellafontaine is the producer of The House of Red Velvet and Blue Velvet. She is a creative director, and burlesque dancer. "Sie leben in dem Bild, das von der Welt haben."

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The Witch

Here are three versions of witch inspired numbers. The costume is raven inspired with feathers and purple, blue and green sparkling beaded fringe. Beautiful black feather lined collars with shimmering pieces make this number elegant and beautiful while maintaining a mysterious image of sorcery.

Finger sparks and flowing dance movements make this number seductive and artistic.

Witch complete with bubbling cauldron and book of spells that is mystified by her own spell and starts stripping her garments off one by one.

A darker witch who is a voodoo queen. Fake blood, knives, skulls and spells. Great for a dark Halloween!


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