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Category Archives: Olivia Bellafontaine

Music Video Allen Forrest’s “Possessed”

Check out this music video where I play Lucy, a devious Nun… I had a lot of fun shooting with Elite Visions. Super talented people!!

Join Us for a New Era in Theater


Buy tickets at Carpe Noctis

New Tease If You Please Promo Video!

November 22nd! Do not miss this incredible show!

Tease If You Please

Dweebcast Interview and Cosplay Show Coverage

Hello friends,

Watch coverage of our Cosplay show with Sultry Sweet Burlesque!
DweebCast Episode 1: Smokin’ Hot Cosplay Burlesque! | 8-28-13

New Etsy store is launched!!!

Hello dear friends,

I have finally started my Etsy store. More items will be added soon. But, as requested I am offering 8×10’s or 11×17 posters of the Baroness and Slave Leia! Check it out. :)

The Bellafontaine Shop!

Wild West Sideshow!


New Acting Reel: Side A.

Here is a startup acting reel. There will be more soon.

Acting Reel from Olivia Bellafontaine on Vimeo.

Follow me


Hello lovers! I have a new Facebook page where I will update my show info. Check it out and follow me!


Side B!!

I just finished a new video reel! I am calling it Side B.


Edited by Olivia Bellafontaine. Music is from some of my favorites: “Concrete Wall” Zee Avi & “Hang You Up From the Heavens” The Dead Weather. Go buy it.

Thank you to the beautiful ones who have helped me along the way. Let’s do more.

Dancer | Actress | Artist | Warrior Woman


Olivia Bellafontaine Reel Side B from Olivia Bellafontaine on Vimeo.