Olivia Bellafontaine is the producer of The House of Red Velvet and Blue Velvet. She is a creative director, and burlesque dancer. "Sie leben in dem Bild, das von der Welt haben."

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1920’s Acts

Bathtub Gin10383629_10201875618559753_2418227819515588911_n

Black and Goldblack and gold

Weimar FetishIMG_0176


Vintage Burlesque Acts

Red Glamour

Seven Nation ArmyIMG_0933

Burlesque Character Acts

Wild West OutlawOlivia Post Knee Up

Dark Cabaret PsychoIMG_1167

The WitchIMG_6800

Big in JapanIMG_4773

Princess LeialQT6I-OKOUKgbYgWbI7q4WfyIugYHRvLKXB61fyHYCE

Grindhouse: Planet TerrorIMG_1081

The Gold RushKayNoire_OliviaB_0022

Freddie Mercury Tribute

Neo Burlesque Acts

Psychedelic KundaliniIMG_0830 copy
Purple Shimmy Blues
Film Noir

Black BettyucaD01rXzqfwCj4nWVRTBzH_8ywBUWq_KzE6hYAqUH55NUtoBlVcIrmu0nYm80a2YeDr1g=s151

You Shook Medsc_+01304-large

Ball & Biscuit 


Avant Garde & Dark Art Acts

Paint It BlackIMG_4761

The RosegardenIMG_2247
The Death of Classics
MoneyIMG_0494 copy
Erotic Sushi

*There are more acts under this umbrella. Please contact me for more information.

Holiday Acts

Christmas Crackers