Olivia Bellafontaine is the producer of The House of Red Velvet and Blue Velvet. She is a creative director, and burlesque dancer. "Sie leben in dem Bild, das von der Welt haben."

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Blue Velvet

“Dark, Sexy and Uncontrolled.”

Step inside the hazy opium den and you will find a place where everyone leaves with a secret…

Blue Velvet is a lawless blues live band burlesque experience. Every show is completely different. There are no set lists, no choreography, and no rules. It is a complete experimental movement dwelling in raw emotion, and passionate collaboration between dancers and band. And, the audience becomes a part of this nature. It’s dark, it’s sexy, and it’s uncontrolled.

Blue Velvet opened on March 23, 2016 at Bar Lubitsch.

Produced by Olivia Bellafontaine.
Featuring Live Music by Dave Cavalier Trio.


June 12th at The Other Door

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