Olivia Bellafontaine is the producer of The House of Red Velvet and Blue Velvet. She is a creative director, and burlesque dancer. "Sie leben in dem Bild, das von der Welt haben."

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A tall show-stopping burlesque beauty!” With legs longer than her name, Olivia Bellafontaine, is one of the busiest burlesque stars of LA. She has performed internationally, and has worked for clientele such as Henson studios, El Silencio Mezcal, Absolut Elyx Vodka, Bullett Magazine, and actor of 300, Gerard Butler.

Olivia is an artist. She creates her own stylized costumes, and produces her own signature acts. She is a high energy dancer known to have a style of sound. She performs vintage numbers ranging from the 1920’s-1970’s eras. She is known for her diversity of acts. And, she performs with multiple live bands. A jill of all trades to burlesque!

She has been named the “Psychedelic Sextress” by the producer of Trapeze – San Francisco’s best electro swing traveling party. A gig she regularly performs for, and has toured the west coast with. Olivia’s first burlesque show was a burlesque parody of all Stanley Kubrick films called Kubrilesque. She is a regular dancer at Tease If You Please, Seduction, Pour Vous, American Monster, Greaseland and more. Burlesque has taken her to Europe, Bahamas, Jamaica, Canada, and all over California and the west coast.

Olivia started making her own shows, because of her heavy interest and passion in the arts. She is the producer and creative director behind The House of Red Velvet, Alligator Wine, andBlue Velvet.  She is also LA’s Grindhouse femme, coining and directing Pussy Bang Bang Grindhouse Burlesque. A lover called her “a flower girl with a gun” proving her edgy character performance and musicality molded with pure love and fervor. A genuine champion of the “Neo Burlesque Movement.”

Olivia has been in over fifteen music videos as an actress and a dancer for artists such as Billy Idol, Three Days Grace, and Marilyn Manson. She has also done several short films and feature films such as Foreseen, Killing Joan, and Work is Hell.

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